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About Us

Mission statement

At ChiefAdvisor Club, we believe in connecting brand managers and executives with disruptive tech start-ups and scale-ups through customer advisory boards. Our mission is to provide industry professionals with access to a network of like-minded individuals and visionary CEOs who are building the next generation of game-changing start-ups. Through collaboration and innovation, we strive to empower our members to drive success in their respective industries.

Image by Scott Webb

Customer Advisory Board

A Customer Advisory Board is a collaborative forum where a company engages with its customers to gather feedback, gain insights, and seek strategic guidance.

CAB serves as a valuable resource for companies to enhance their products, services, and customer experience by incorporating the perspectives of their most valued customers. CAB members typically represent a diverse range of customers, including key accounts, long-standing customers, or representatives from different industries or market segments. 

Some of Our Advisors

Exclusive network of C-Suite, Big Tech execs and Brand managers from Retail, CG, Healthcare, Finance and other industries.

zeeshan Idress.jpg
Zeeshan Idrees
(CEO IndustryGeniuses)
Zaryab khan_edited.jpg
Zaryab Khan
(Social Media Marketer)
Barry Steel.jpg
Barry Steel
(Ex-H & M)
Biswajit Acharya.jpg
Biswajit Acharya
Florentina B..jpg
Florentina B
Shahil Maharaj.jpg
Shahil Maharaj
Trusha Pandya.jpg
Trusha Pandya



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